02 July 2014

Final Entry

As I weed through the many aspects of the MIM community, I have accepted that it's time to let some old aspects go and focus attention and energy on the new to come. With more decisions yet to be made, I announced today the final decision to discontinue the Newsletter, Chat, and this Updates Blog.

It's been a pleasure using this blog to keep you up to date on new additions and changes at the site. As several entries serve the purpose of redirecting traffic from changed URLs over the years, I will not be deleting this blog; however, there will be no more new entries. Updates will continue to be announced on the site and Facebook page. If you would be interested in receiving updates by email, simply send me a message and I will start a new mailing list for site updates.

Other areas still on the chopping block are the Forums, our Top Site list, webrings we host, and the Facebook page. (The last has less to do with participation of fans of Messages in the Moonlight and  more to do with Facebook's changing of their system and my personal dislike/hatred of the social networking site that's only grown worse over the years.) If you haven't already, be sure to add your input to the MIM Survey to help in the final decision making on these aspects of the MIM community.