03 December 2012

New Page & Call for Submissions

The Advanced Bonewits' Cult Danger Evaluation Frame has now been added to the site. There's been a lot of concern regarding abuse and questionable ethics in covens and groups in local communities lately. Isaac did a lot of fantastic work to help those of us in the Pagan and other religious communities to become educated and pay more attention to the groups we join. As minorities, it's easy for us to get so excited about a new or established group in our area that we ignore red flags and let concerns go for the sake of having a local network we can be a part of. Check out the Cult Danger page at the site for guidance in identifying potentially abusive, harmful, or cult-like groups before you join a group or to take a second look at groups you may already be a part of.

The winter solstice issue of the Newsletter is coming out over the next few weeks. We are still in need of submissions. The deadline for submissions is Monday, December 10th, 2012. The theme is "New Life." For so many of us, 2012 has been a year of some pretty big changes. Old relationships ended, new ones began, careers took turns for better or worse, spirituality shifted and then shifted again. Whether your life changes were a struggle or a long, wished-for blessing, share your stories!


27 October 2012

Recent Updates

We have a few new updates at the site and forums. On the main page of the site, the message regarding Caleb Medley and his family has been updated to reflect current information. There is also a new link to Creole Curio on the Pagan Links page. They make some pretty awesome voodou and pin dolls, so be sure to check them out!

We now have a specific page for Midsummer in the Sabbat Information section. The article Midsummer Celebration Ideas for Beginners has been moved from its original home at Hubpages to the Midsummer page.

Also relocated from HubPages, the article Santa Claus for Every Faith has been added to the Yule Information page. Although this particular article is multi-faith centered, it fits most closely for Yule and is an appropriate message for Wiccans and Pagans who may have grown up with Santa Claus but now feel uncertain of whether or not he should play a role in their non-Christian children's lives.

At the forums, we now have a new sub-board in the Metaphysical board. Metaphysical Creatures is a sub-board designed for discussing different entities. We have some awesome threads jam-packed with information and worthy of further discussion, so be sure to check them out! More updates and features for the forums are currently in the works, so be sure to check back often.

Finally, the Mabon issue of the newsletter was postponed and is due out for Samhain. We are waiting on some last minute submissions and anticipate the issue coming out tomorrow (October 28th). Be sure to check your inbox!


18 October 2012

New Mod at the Forums

The forums have a new moderator for our Paganism board. Ladydeath has been an active member of the forums for several years. She has decided to step up to the plate and join the management staff, so be sure to stop by and say congrats!


21 August 2012

Updated Page: Mythological History

The History of Wicca: A Mythological Understanding page at the site has been updated. Back in 2005, when I first wrote this page, I drew from Starhawk's The Spiral Dance. This page still draws from that source; however, I completely rewrote the page. Please be sure to check out the updates!

At the time that I initially wrote this page, I stayed so true to the source that there were a couple sections that matched practically word-for-word. This realization came to me just today during a Copyscape check. As I am extremely against plagiarism, I immediately set to work rewriting the page. It has been simplified to some extent, but still covers the major points. In doing so, it actually opens the page up to being more inclusive of the variations of the myth that can be found in other sources.

Despite the fact that this error was not recognized by anyone besides myself (at least, to my knowledge) I would like to send my deepest apologies to Starhawk and anyone who has visited this page for the oversight.  If any other pages on the site are found to be of the same nature, please know that they will be fixed immediately as they are identified.


18 August 2012

A Second New Mod!

New member, Lady Annwynn, is now the Entertainment board moderator for the forums.  Please be sure to stop by to learn more about and congratulate her on her new position!


15 August 2012

New Mod at the Forums!

We have a new moderator at the forums. Elwin will now be heading up the General board. Be sure to stop by and congratulate him on his new position!

Evylyn Rose

23 July 2012

Please Support Theater Massacre Victims

On the main page of the site, you will notice that I have added a message about Caleb Medley and his wife, Katie. They are dear friends of my friends and co-workers. Caleb, Katie, and Ashley were in the nearest rows when the shooting started during the theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado during "The Dark Knight Rises" screening. Katie is in induced labor and Caleb is in critical condition. He is expected to be in the ICU for at least one to two weeks and will have several surgeries. The family does not have insurance and will be financially burdened during this tragic and difficult time.

Please do what you can to help Caleb, Katie, and their new child being born into this world. Please see the Support Caleb facebook page and CalebMedley.com. If you cannot donate money, please, please, please send healing energy and positive, loving thoughts and prayers their way. If nothing else, please just pass this information along so that those who can and want to help can do so.

Thank you, everyone.


05 July 2012

New Link to An Awesome Metaphysical Store

I've added a new link to the Pagan Links page at the site. I don't always post updates when a new link is added, but as a way of lending a helping hand, I felt this was a much needed exception. Source Healers is a metaphysical/wellness shop in Fountain, Colorado. They offer magickal products, workshops and classes, and services ranging from massage to readings to energy healing. As a result of limited spacing, they do not carry a large selection of books, but will readily special order available titles on request. Definitely check out their website and Facebook page for more information!

For anyone currently or previously living in the Colorado Springs area, you know that metaphysical stores generally don't open up anywhere but on the northwest (Old Colorado City and Manitou Springs) side of town. Potential business owners are generally too timid to open or stay open on the southeast side. Okay, perhaps "timid" is not the best word for it. However, there's certainly not a lot of people willing to even consider the risks because of rumors of an overly conservative, anti-Pagan community.

Source Healers has been open for several months on this side of town and, living only blocks away, I can readily say there have been no major public outcries, protests, or hate-mongering as so many in the local Pagan community claim goes on in this area. So now that we know it can be done, let's support this local shop and keep it in business for many years to come!


30 June 2012

New Book Reviews & Some Brief News

I've added two new book reviews to the site today. You can read the reviews for Buckland's Book of Gypsy Magic and Webster's Communicating with the Archangel Gabriel.

I also want to make a quick announcement that you'll notice the links for my tutoring service on the site and forums have been removed. Although I still currently tutor, I will no longer be accepting new students (at least for the time being). I am in the process of setting up to begin a new intuitive spiritual counseling and readings service in the near future and will be devoting time not spent at the store, on the website, and writing articles toward this new venture. If you have any questions about this change or the upcoming services, feel free to ask!

In other news, I will be writing a monthly column for Witch Way Newsletter run and edited by Ken Biles. Be sure to stop by the CyberWitchcraft site to check out all the wonderful work Ken has done and continues to do for the Witchcraft community and to sign up for his monthly newsletter!


23 June 2012

Newsletter Issue #22 Ready to Go!

The summer solstice issue of the newsletter went out today. It's a bit behind schedule, but is worth the wait! We have a wonderful article and incredible poem from two first-time contributors as well as some pretty awesome quotes to inspire us all. If you haven't already, be sure to sign up for the newsletter at the site. If you did not receive the newsletter for any reason, be sure to check out issue #22 at the archive.

The next issue will be for the autumn equinox. The theme will be "catching up." If you have any submissions you would like to share, start sending them in today! The deadline for issue #23 submissions is 01 September 2012.


20 May 2012

List of Evy's Redirected Articles

As predicted, HubPages has unpublished my article redirect hub for having too many links back to the site. As a result, I will be publishing that redirect information here. The following list provides the title of the articles that have moved, the URL they were previously published at, and their current locations. Be sure to check this entry as this list will continue to update as articles are relocated.

19 April 2012

One at a Time: New Pages at the Site!

As mentioned in the last post, I am moving articles from HubPages to the site. You can read about which ones have moved and where they are now at Where Did Evy's Hubs Go?. As I add more to the list, HubPages is setting up red flags against the hub for being overly promotional (as opposed to redirect information for those who have linked to the articles in the past). I added other links to try to balance it out, but apparently anti-HubPages sentiment is also a violation. I am sure it is simply a bot picking up on a site that may have pop-ups or the like that I'm not seeing. However, as they do not tell me which links are violations in the way they tell us which links are broken, I do not know which ones to remove. As a result, the hub is likely to be taken down soon. If that becomes the case, I'll be posting a copy of it here for those who have linked to the articles on HubPages and want to know where they went and those who would like to know where to find the new information added to the site.

If you have any questions or run into problems with any of the links, please let me know!


10 April 2012

New Pages Coming Soon!

After a plagiarism incident involving the work of writers at HubPages and the lack of (useful) support we received from the company we were writing for (and who receives a percentage of our writing potential), I have decided to discontinue publishing with them and move all hubs (not specific to HubPages) elsewhere.

As many of the articles I have written for HubPages will do considerably better at the site, I intend to move them there rather than another content avenue on the net. Some will stand as independent pages and others will be added as sections to currently existing pages. Some may even be merged with some of the current pages. This process will take a little time (it takes awhile after unpublishing a hub for it to no longer show as a duplicate when published elsewhere), so please bear with me. You won't notice too much at the site itself, but if you ever check out my HubPages account, you may notice it slimming and be unable to find the articles temporarily. I am putting together one last hub to provide redirects during this transition to make it a little easier.

I hope this change will make your experience at the site more enjoyable!


20 March 2012

Addition of Links to Other Articles

Over at HubPages this month, they are having a Know-It-All contest. As a result, I've been writing a lot of articles of interest to Wiccans and Pagans that would be appropriate to the site. Instead of posting the articles on the site directly (and having to deal with a headache about duplicate content, and rightfully so), I have included links to the specific articles throughout the site as appropriate. For example, the Advice for Wicca Beginners page now includes a link to my hub Wicca Beginner Tips. Some articles are added to sections called "Outside Links" on the different menu pages like the Information Beyond the Basics menu page. When you click on one of these links, it will open in a new tab (or window depending upon your browser and settings).

Hopefully this will help bring the information together instead of having to search different sites at once. Granted, only links to my articles are included in this way. (Links to the writings and websites of others are posted on the Links pages). If you have any questions or run into problems with any of the links, be sure to let me know!


Newsletter Announcement

The Ostara issue (#21) of the newsletter came a couple days ago. If you didn't get a chance to read it, you can find a copy at the Newsletter Archive. I hope you all enjoy!

The next issue will be out in June for Midsummer. We are currently looking for submissions! Our theme will be "Making Dreams Come True": So many of us are bombarded by information, standards, and modes of thinking by cultures that convince us that our dreams are unrealistic. Maybe we never listened to them and have been striving toward our dreams all along. Maybe we took awhile, but are now casting off our old selves. Maybe we are still stuck in moving toward our true life's purpose. What have you done to pursue your dreams? What holds you back? How do you overcome the negativity from those around you? How are you making your dreams come true?

Submissions for the Midsummer issue will be 01 June 2012. All submissions received after the deadline will be saved for future issues. For more details, see the Newsletter Information page at the site. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them here as comments or shoot me an email! :)


09 March 2012

No More Weekly Discussions

Well, per forum member feedback, I began weekly discussions. After a couple months of this, only two people participated and only once each and only with the first two discussions. As a result, I will no longer be taking the time to designate special discussions as a highlight for the week. Instead, I will go back to encouraging a variety of discussions as I used to. For all those who wanted Weekly Discussions and are upset by this, I'm sorry. You should have participated.

On a less frustrating note, the next issue of the newsletter will be coming out within the next two weeks so be sure to be on the lookout! In the meantime, I still have not received any submissions for this issue (the deadline was the 1st of this month and then extended to the 8th). If you would like to submit anything to the newsletter, please be sure to do so ASAP! Thanks. :)


26 February 2012

New WD Is Up!

The new weekly discussion for the week of 27 February through 04 March is up and ready. It's posted a little early this time as I may not have the chance to post it later this evening. This week we are discussing the structure of Wicca and the impact it has on the community. Whether you are Wiccan or of another path, please do not hesitate to jump right on in! Sometimes an outsider opinion says far more than an insider one. ;)


21 February 2012

Evy's New Novel Is Out!

For those who remember, I participated in Nanowrimo last October and wrote a novel called Hela's Story about the daughter of Loki rebuilding Hel her way and visiting with the other Norse gods along the way. Well, the novel was edited last month and is now available for purchase! This is my first published work, so I hope you enjoy! You can purchase Hela's Story through my createspace store today. If you purchase before the end of this month (February 2012), enter the code PDZZGVAZ to receive 20% off! Thank you to all of my friends, family, and fans for all your support. :)


09 February 2012

Crystals Page Updated

The Crystals page has finally been updated after nearly a decade of using the same one. The Crystals page was a rather incomplete list and was intended to merely be a starter until it could be completed. While the page is by no means an exhaustive list of crystals, stones, and metals, it is considerably fuller than before. Again, the information is just a brief description of the crystals' properties. I also provided alphabet links to make navigation on the page easier than scrolling the long list. I hope the update provides you with information you've been looking for. If there's a crystal not listed that you would like to see, let me know!


05 February 2012

Third Weekly Discussion

The Weekly Discussion for the week of 6 February through 12 February is now posted. This week, we will be discussing authors! Published authors often have a lot of credibility and trust of their readers, but are they really credible? Do they deserve our trust so readily? Join in on the discussion and add your input today!

On a side note, you'll notice that the forums were cleaned-up last week. Many of the old threads have been removed to open the way for new discussions and fresh takes on old information.


22 January 2012

New Weekly Discussion

The second Weekly Discussion for the week of 23-29 JAN is now posted. This week we are discussing school's rights to pass out religious materials as inspired by the current North Carolina incident. The whole situation brings up questions about religious discrimination, separation of church and state, and what it takes to trigger internal investigations at schools when confronted with concerns from parents. Be sure to stop by and add your thoughts today! (Guests and members alike can comment!)

If you did not get a chance to participate in last week's Weekly Discussion, you can now find it under the News & Politics board with the title "Christianity Under Attack? (Past Weekly Discussion)."


18 January 2012

Site & Forums on Strike

For today only the forums and site will be joining in on the SOPA Strike to petition against SOPA and related legislation that threatens current American rights concerning privacy and freedom of speech. The forums will be in maintenance mode and the site's main page will automatically redirect you to the SOPA Strike page.

For more information about the strike, see the SOPA Strike. For more information on SOPA and related legislation and the impact they will have on Americans' internet use, see the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Be sure to make your voice heard today and stop internet censorship! If you have a website, join in on the strike today! Call or write to your local representatives. Stand up and defend your rights! All it takes is one vote one too many to take away your freedoms. Make sure no votes are made on your behalf to take away your rights!


15 January 2012

New Weekly Discussions!

For the week of 16 through 22 January, the forums is beginning our Weekly Discussions. These discussions take place from Monday through Sunday with new discussions posted on Sunday nights. These discussions may be on any number of topics and are posted in the General board so that both members and guests may participate during the week. At the end of the week, the title of the thread will be changed and the thread moved to the appropriate board as necessary to make room for the new discussions, so if you miss a week, you can still participate in past discussions.

For our first Weekly Discussion we are going to discuss a comment made by a primary elections candidate referencing religious matters. Be sure to check out the new discussion and add your thoughts today!

Also, if you have some suggestions for future Weekly Discussion topics, please stop by the suggestion thread and post a reply with your ideas!

Can't wait to hear what you have to say!


13 January 2012

Quick Apology

As I was going through and making some minor updates, I noticed that a handful of images did not transfer over during the update awhile back. They are all fixed now. However, I want to say sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced as a result. Also, the sitemap was a bit outdated. It is now updated to accurately reflect the current pages and site structure.

If you run across any other problems while using the site, please be sure to let me know so I can fix it immediately!


11 January 2012

+1 Buttons to Share Pages

For those of you who use Google+ and want to share Messages in the Moonlight (or any of the pages), you can now find the +1 button right next to the AddThis Share buttons. So please be sure to add pages you'd like to share with friends, family, and anyone else in your Google+ circles! (And if you don't use Google+, check the "more" option on the share button to see what other social networks and websites you can share our pages with!)

On a less interesting note, the copyright years have been updated to reflect the new calendar year. Yay!


01 January 2012

Evy's New Tutoring Service

Happy New Year everyone! I don't know about everyone else, but I am so happy to have finally said goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012! I know I said I would not hound you with updates about non-Messages in the Moonlight news after the HubPages plug. Well, I'm not plugging HubPages this time, and, as before, I'll only bug you with it once. ;)

I've recently started a new tutoring service through WyzAnt in the Colorado Springs metropolitan area. Although the service is aimed at my local area, I am also willing to offer sessions online. I offer flexible pricing in such cases. I also insist on offering a free first session. During the first session, the student and I will get to know one another to determine if we will make a good learning match and cover:

~Expections of each other
~Subject material problem areas
~Required textbooks (if applicable)
~Short- and long-term goals
~And any other concerns

My focus is on English, grammar, and writing, but I offer other subject areas too. I am currently certified to tutor ACT English, ACT Reading, American History, Anatomy, ASVAB, Biology, English, Grammar, HTML, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Psychology, Reading, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, Vocabulary, World History, and Writing. If you need tutoring or coaching in other areas, please let me know and I can point you in the direction of other wonderful WyzAnt tutors!

If you or someone you know is in need of a tutor in the above listed subjects, please stop by and send me a message there! (Note: For this service, I go by the name Jennifer.)