02 July 2014

Final Entry

As I weed through the many aspects of the MIM community, I have accepted that it's time to let some old aspects go and focus attention and energy on the new to come. With more decisions yet to be made, I announced today the final decision to discontinue the Newsletter, Chat, and this Updates Blog.

It's been a pleasure using this blog to keep you up to date on new additions and changes at the site. As several entries serve the purpose of redirecting traffic from changed URLs over the years, I will not be deleting this blog; however, there will be no more new entries. Updates will continue to be announced on the site and Facebook page. If you would be interested in receiving updates by email, simply send me a message and I will start a new mailing list for site updates.

Other areas still on the chopping block are the Forums, our Top Site list, webrings we host, and the Facebook page. (The last has less to do with participation of fans of Messages in the Moonlight and  more to do with Facebook's changing of their system and my personal dislike/hatred of the social networking site that's only grown worse over the years.) If you haven't already, be sure to add your input to the MIM Survey to help in the final decision making on these aspects of the MIM community.


10 February 2014

More Updates - Dowsing, Scrying, & Tools

We have three more pages with fresh updates today.

The Dowsing and Pendulums page and Scrying page are now updated with a little more information. The Dowsing page is a bit more descriptive with extra hints and the Scrying page now includes crystal gazing and more details.

The Magickal Tools page had a bigger update. The list is more extensive than the bare minimum it was and includes more details as well.

More to come!


07 February 2014

Three New Pages

Three new pages have been added to the site today. These are the last in the long list of previously written HubPages hubs that will be moved to the site in the foreseeable future. (A few others still published on HP are vaguely related, but not enough so to move them at this time.)

The Difference Between Religion and Spirituality page can now be found in the Articles section. You'll notice that the title has changed slightly and there have been some minor edits.

Also new to the Articles section, you will find the Choosing a Religion in a World of Options page. This one has been updated with a few additional tips added at the end, making it a bit more useful to those seekers who simply do not know where to start when researching the various world religions.

Finally, the Spiritual Home Cleansing Tips and Tricks page is now featured in the Magick section. This one has some significant updates with extra sections and ideas to help you clear out the icky stagnant and negative energy that may be lingering around in your home.


03 February 2014

Terms & Definitions Page Update

A much needed update to the Pagan Terms page was applied today. I've cleaned up some of the definitions to make them a bit more clear or provide more information as well as adding a couple terms where needed. Plus, you can now click on the in-page link to take you directly to a letter and use the helpful "Back to Top" in-page links so you won't have to scroll around to find what you are looking for.

Have a term or alternative definition you'd like to see on the page? Leave a comment below or contact me to let me know!


28 January 2014

History & Witches' Pyramid Pages Updates

I have some more updated pages for the site today. The Wicca History page has a few small updates primarily to the Real History section. The wording is a bit more clear with a little more explanation on a couple points.

The bigger update of the two is the Witches' Pyramid page. This page now has improved explanations of To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Keep Silent, and To Imagine to help make better sense of how to apply these components to our magick. If you were still a bit stumped when you viewed this page before, check it out now!


27 January 2014

About and Basics Pages Updates

I've made some updates to the About MIM page. It now features information about the site itself (instead of just about me). You'll find a mission and vision statement for Messages in the Moonlight that captures exactly what the point to the site, forums, and newsletter is. I also updated the "Who is Evylyn Rose?" section and gave it little sections so it's not quite as tedious as it was previously.

The Wiccan Basics page has gone through yet another edit and update. Some of the information is written to be clearer than it was before with a few additional points added here and there.


23 January 2014

New Book Reviews

I've added my reviews for Christian Day's The Witches' Book of the Dead (found on the Books D-H page) and John Randolph Price's The Wellness Book (found on the Books I-R page). I definitely enjoyed Day's work. It's been a sorely neglected topic and you can see that in writing this book the demand it's brought on the topic of modern necromancy and working with the spirits of the dead by the titles that have come out since he took the initiative and wrote The Witches' Book of the Dead. Price's book I did not care for. Be sure to check out the new reviews on the site to hear why!

Also, from the responses of the new survey so far, it seems that fans and visitors of the site do not pay any mind to this blog or use it to keep up on updates. If you do, be sure your voice is counted! Take the survey today and be sure to answer the questions in section 5 about how you stay informed about Messages in the Moonlight updates.