23 January 2014

New Book Reviews

I've added my reviews for Christian Day's The Witches' Book of the Dead (found on the Books D-H page) and John Randolph Price's The Wellness Book (found on the Books I-R page). I definitely enjoyed Day's work. It's been a sorely neglected topic and you can see that in writing this book the demand it's brought on the topic of modern necromancy and working with the spirits of the dead by the titles that have come out since he took the initiative and wrote The Witches' Book of the Dead. Price's book I did not care for. Be sure to check out the new reviews on the site to hear why!

Also, from the responses of the new survey so far, it seems that fans and visitors of the site do not pay any mind to this blog or use it to keep up on updates. If you do, be sure your voice is counted! Take the survey today and be sure to answer the questions in section 5 about how you stay informed about Messages in the Moonlight updates.