20 April 2011

New Book Reviews

It's been quite awhile since I made an update to the site. Although there's still plenty more in the works, I decided to add a little something in the meantime. On the Pagan Book Reviews page you will find two new book reviews: Doreen Valiente's Witchcraft for Tomorrow and Dagonet Dewr's Sacred Paths for Modern Men. Although I enjoyed both, Dewr's book touched me the most. Be sure to check out the reviews!

After spending some time soul searching, I've finally decided my future career path. Although I still intend to be a counselor with soldiers and veterans as my main focus (the goal since starting my secondary education in 2008), I have decided to put my educational focus into Pagan Pastoral Counseling. As such, I will not have the free time as hoped for once my Bachelor's is complete in September. However, with Pagan-focused studies for my Master's, I hope to better provide you all with information and guidance for many years to come!


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