10 April 2012

New Pages Coming Soon!

After a plagiarism incident involving the work of writers at HubPages and the lack of (useful) support we received from the company we were writing for (and who receives a percentage of our writing potential), I have decided to discontinue publishing with them and move all hubs (not specific to HubPages) elsewhere.

As many of the articles I have written for HubPages will do considerably better at the site, I intend to move them there rather than another content avenue on the net. Some will stand as independent pages and others will be added as sections to currently existing pages. Some may even be merged with some of the current pages. This process will take a little time (it takes awhile after unpublishing a hub for it to no longer show as a duplicate when published elsewhere), so please bear with me. You won't notice too much at the site itself, but if you ever check out my HubPages account, you may notice it slimming and be unable to find the articles temporarily. I am putting together one last hub to provide redirects during this transition to make it a little easier.

I hope this change will make your experience at the site more enjoyable!


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