23 July 2012

Please Support Theater Massacre Victims

On the main page of the site, you will notice that I have added a message about Caleb Medley and his wife, Katie. They are dear friends of my friends and co-workers. Caleb, Katie, and Ashley were in the nearest rows when the shooting started during the theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado during "The Dark Knight Rises" screening. Katie is in induced labor and Caleb is in critical condition. He is expected to be in the ICU for at least one to two weeks and will have several surgeries. The family does not have insurance and will be financially burdened during this tragic and difficult time.

Please do what you can to help Caleb, Katie, and their new child being born into this world. Please see the Support Caleb facebook page and CalebMedley.com. If you cannot donate money, please, please, please send healing energy and positive, loving thoughts and prayers their way. If nothing else, please just pass this information along so that those who can and want to help can do so.

Thank you, everyone.


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