27 October 2012

Recent Updates

We have a few new updates at the site and forums. On the main page of the site, the message regarding Caleb Medley and his family has been updated to reflect current information. There is also a new link to Creole Curio on the Pagan Links page. They make some pretty awesome voodou and pin dolls, so be sure to check them out!

We now have a specific page for Midsummer in the Sabbat Information section. The article Midsummer Celebration Ideas for Beginners has been moved from its original home at Hubpages to the Midsummer page.

Also relocated from HubPages, the article Santa Claus for Every Faith has been added to the Yule Information page. Although this particular article is multi-faith centered, it fits most closely for Yule and is an appropriate message for Wiccans and Pagans who may have grown up with Santa Claus but now feel uncertain of whether or not he should play a role in their non-Christian children's lives.

At the forums, we now have a new sub-board in the Metaphysical board. Metaphysical Creatures is a sub-board designed for discussing different entities. We have some awesome threads jam-packed with information and worthy of further discussion, so be sure to check them out! More updates and features for the forums are currently in the works, so be sure to check back often.

Finally, the Mabon issue of the newsletter was postponed and is due out for Samhain. We are waiting on some last minute submissions and anticipate the issue coming out tomorrow (October 28th). Be sure to check your inbox!


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