27 December 2010

Information Consolidation

For many years, I've included the 10 Things About Wicca page on the site. I've always liked this short little explanation of Wicca, but have constantly worked hard on the Basics of Wicca page that includes information on myths about and components of Wicca. The two pages seemed to cover the same basic purpose: briefly explain what Wicca is. As such, I've gone through the information from the 10 Things list and made adjustments to the Basics page. In some cases, the Basics page already completely touched on all the points in the 10 Things list. Where it didn't, the Basics page has been expanded to include the valuable points of the 10 Things list. From now on, the 10 Things About Wicca page will no longer be available on the site. Please check out the Basics of Wicca page to see the new revision!


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