29 May 2011

New Pages

I've added in a few new pages at the site. Of course, they aren't necessarily new, just new to the site. The first new edition is the Code of Ethics for Teachers of the Wicca. This article provides brief guidelines for those who intend to be teachers of Wicca, and also provides a good resource to students who may be curious what to expect of a teacher.

Next, the Wiccan Fundamentalism article provides a brief history of Wicca and discusses the fundamentalism found in some traditions. Unlike the The Real History of Wicca page, which provides background on the creation/founding of Wicca, the new page provides information regarding the structure of Wicca and how it has changed. For those of you who remember my experience of returning to the Wicca LJ group to find that they didn't allow anyone uninitiated into a BTW coven within the group to refer to themselves as Wiccan (but Neo-Wiccan was okay o.0), you'll understand why I like this article so much.

Finally, I added the Principles of Wiccan Beliefs to the site. Although the Principles are not regarded as a definitive resource for outlining Pagan beliefs in America (and some of the wording is outdated), the vague nature of them is still useful as a quick reference for those trying to get a broad understanding of Wicca.

I hope to have some more new additions in the near future. Meanwhile, there's been an increase in activity at the forums, so be sure to stop by and join in!


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