23 May 2011

Searches as Discussion Fuel

As I'm sure is not uncommon of webmasters in this day of decent, free analytic tools, I make use of searches that have led surfers to the site or on the site itself to brainstorm ideas of what content to add to the site. Of course, some search terms and phrases have little to do with Wicca and Witchcraft but somehow match words used on a particular page of the site. Other times, I just have no clue what to do with it and the phrases stay in my little excel spreadsheet for extended periods of time. I do my best to look over the spreadsheet whenever I want to add or update a page to make sure that I'm adding relevant content that internet users are actually trying to find. In the past, I would only add what I could share of the things I had just learned. Although this has been successful, I realize we are all on different paths and seeing some of the things that individuals have searched for drives my own curiousity at times.

As the list of search terms and phrases grows well beyond what I can keep up with even on a brainstorming level, I've been playing around with ideas of what I can do with it. I came across a few phrases that have really stuck out from the others. Usually in question form, they are thought-provoking and do not necessarily have a concrete answer. I thought about doing research and writing a new page. Maybe make it simpler and do up a new Random Rambling. I could even maybe blog about it here or on the Facebook page. Then the big light-bulb came on. Tons of thought-provoking, discussion-worthy search phrases and a message forum averaging less than a post a month. Oooo! I can start new discussions at the forums!

So in the future, you will see me adding a new thread or two at the forums on a regular basis asking interesting questions. More than likely, my source of these questions will be these search terms and phrases. I have absolutely no way whatsoever to identify who performed these searches, so if it was you (and remember chances are that some of these have actually been asked multiple times!), if you don't want anyone to know, no one has to. ;) I hope to see you all joining in on the discussions!


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