02 December 2013

Updated Rede Page and Two New Pages

As promised, the Rede page has now been updated with a deeper discussion concerning the Wiccan Rede. Be sure to check it out!

Also, I have moved two more of my articles from HubPages to the site. The site now features the articles Reasons to Research Your Faith's History and False Superstars: Remembering the Real Heroes of Your Faith in the Articles section.

Over the next couple months, there will be more updates and articles moved from HubPages on the site. Be sure to stop at the site or this blog for details.

I am also going through and contacting other webmasters and bloggers with information regarding URL changes from the recent layout change. If you have linked to any pages on the site and the URLs have changed, I will be trying to reach out to you to make your life a little easier in finding the pages you've linked to in the past.


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