19 December 2013

More Updated Pages

Three more pages have been updated today. First, the Pentacles page may have been improved considerably with the update in 2010, but, let's face it, it was not my best. Although still a basic discussion of the symbolism and usage of pentacles, this page covers more than it did before.

The Music Magick page is significantly improved. Previously, it was just a short paragraph about use of music in magick and then went into magickal correspondences of instrument types that is adapted from Scott Cunningham's work. Although those correspondences are still in place, the page now features a short discussion on why/how music can benefit magickal practices, preferences of Wiccans and other Witches, and some examples.

Finally, I've cleaned up some of the wordage and added an extra tip to Advice for Beginners. When I was looking over it during the layout change, I noticed that some of my phrasing three years ago came off a bit harsh to beginners. Granted, part of the inspiration to finally write the piece came out of a moment of annoyance and frustration, but that does not excuse some of the occasional harsh ways of putting things. I also added a little tip about how spirituality evolves at the end as it was something important I felt was missing before.

More updates and additions to come!


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