15 January 2014

New Survey - Add Your Voice!

I just finished crafting a short survey about the MIM site, newsletter, forums, and chat. I'm trying to prioritize changes and improvements as well as decided whether or not to add or discontinue features.

It's a short survey separated into 5 pages. The first page is about the site with questions about the new layout, improvements to content, and potential new classes feature. The second page discusses the newsletter. These questions are to help decide whether or not to continue the newsletter as we have not had submissions in years.

The third page goes into the forums and how we can improve it to increase activity. The fourth page is about the chat room and the current mIRC server. We're trying to decide if we should change the chat client or discontinue this feature.

Finally, the last page is about how you find out about updates to MIM as well as provides a section for you to add any thoughts and opinions that were not answered in the other questions.

Overall, there are 26 questions. Only a few are required. Time can range from 2 - 15 minutes depending on how many questions you answer and how in-depth text responses are.

Please take a few minutes to provide your feedback by filling out our survey. (Click "survey" to go to the Google docs survey.) Thanks in advance!


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