14 December 2011

A Little Organization Goes A Long Way

As suggested by a member of the forums in the site update poll, I've reorganized two of the longer pages. The Book Reviews page now separates into five pages by book author last names: A-B, C, D-H, I-R, and S-Z. Some of these pages already look pretty full (C has a page of its own because it has 15 reviews already). Others are a little sparse (A-B only has 3 reviews currently). Over time, these pages will fill more and some shuffling may go on. For the time being, however, this breakdown will stay in place. The main page of the Book Reviews page will continue to include what I'm currently reading, why I don't list Silver Ravenwolf books that I have read, and those books that I will more than likely never finish.

The Random Ramblings page was a little more difficult to consider a method of breaking down into parts. Because they are, by their very nature, random, it's hard to decide categories. Instead, I've merely created a sublink list to each rambling near the top. Simply click on the link and it will take you to that part of the page.

Let me know what you think of the changes! If there's any other pages that could benefit from reorganizing, let me know here or stop by the site update poll and add your voice!


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