11 December 2011

New Boards & Shuffling of Threads

Before setting up to recruit new mods for the boards, I thought it best to do some rearranging first to avoid extra confusion later. The forums have gone through a little change. Previously, I had moved the Fun & Games board to become a sub-board in the Entertainment board, the Rants board is now a sub-board of the General board, and the Politics board has been modified to News and Politics.

Today, there has been a complete revision to the Wicca, Witchcraft, & Paganism category. The old Wicca, Witchcraft, & Paganism board has been split into three separate boards for each topic. The Sabbats & Esbats board is now a sub-board for the Wicca board. The Ritual & Magick and Herbs boards are now sub-boards for the Witchcraft board. The Gods & Goddesses board is now a sub-board for the Paganism board. Finally, the Et Cetera board has been modified to the Metaphysical board to discuss non-Pagan-specific metaphysical topics. You'll notice that many of the threads in this category have moved to reflect the additions and modifications.

I hope you enjoy all the new changes! Please be sure to leave feedback, comments, and concerns! Information about modding opportunities will be made available soon.


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