01 December 2011

Updates & Calling All Artists!

Be sure to stop by the forums and check out the Rules board. I've updated wording in every thread. This should help bring some clarity to the rules, the purpose of the forums, and relieve any anxiety over breaking any rules (especially the one about double posting!). Remember the rules are more like guidelines to keep everything friendly and fun. :)

I added two new themes (skins) to the forums: Red and Purple. You can access them by modifying your profile. They look... plain right now. Which is why I am asking for some volunteers to help spruce up these and future themes with images! Without the awesome software I once had and the loss of skills from half a decade of only minimal photo editing, the time, resources, and skills to provide the images you all deserve is just out of my grip. Also (and most importantly ;) ) I love the idea of community efforts.

If you have a skill for creating images and making things beautiful and attractive, let me know! Even if you are only starting or simply want to try your hand at creating graphics (buttons, banners, logos, gradients, etc.), don't hesitate to contact me. You will receive full credit for your efforts and creations. If you have a website, I can list it or just your contact information on the site to get you more visibility. If you should need any sort of recommendation for any future endeavors, I write some awesome letters. ;)


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