05 November 2011

New HubPage Account

In the last post I mentioned that I started a HubPages account. Although I generally reserve this blog for the sole purpose of notifying you of updates to the site, forums, newsletter, and chat, I wanted to do a one-time posting here about the HubPages account as a sort of "shout-out" for myself.

For quite awhile I have been wanting to expand from being a voice in the Pagan community to entering into the field of interfaith relations. Personally, I believe that part of the problems we face involve celebrating differences to the exclusion of what connects us. Rather than building tolerance, it breeds segregation and prejudice. Instead, we should honor our difference while celebrating what we have in common. Unfortunately, there are just so many specifics in the world that no single person can take on every avenue and expect any level of success. So my focus is on matters of faith and religion.

To get myself started on this personal mission of mine, I need a platform. Messages in the Moonlight is my baby and I will not abandon it. However, I want to maintain it as it is (a place of learning and community for Wiccans and Pagans) rather than expand it to fit the new venture. The previous blog post explains how HubPages came into the picture and why I chose it over a few others I looked into. As time goes on the number and quality of my articles will continue to grow and mature. Please be sure to check out my articles for new thoughts and insights with the mission of promoting peace and love on the community level.


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