04 November 2011

Ads on the Site. Wait, what?

Okay, okay. I know that when Geocities shut down and I had to move everything over to a new server that I said I was going paid so I wouldn't have all those annoying ads. Well... I'm unemployed and I have to find any means of income, no matter how small, to ensure the cats and dogs stay fed and we have a roof over our heads in the event funds all run out. (The Four-Footed Ones will appreciate me greatly if I at least appear to be keeping the status quo for them.)

So in getting ahead on this just to be safe, I started looking for writing opportunities. I've been wanting to start getting my voice out there and had previously considered one of the oh-so-wonderful content-farm sites. So when I saw a listing for Hubpages and the possibility of gaining a little extra on the side from doing something I was already anticipating doing for free, I figured why not. Well, the way that Hubpages works is that the authors gained income, not on a per article-basis, but based upon the ads placed on and around the hubs. Websurfers come in and read your article, they click on a Google ad or other advertisement and the earnings from there translate into a paycheck for the author.

Well I got started on my Hubpage account today and even wrote my first hub about bigotry and religion. With this accomplished, I was ready to set up all those (minimal) money making accounts. What I found was that almost all of it required an AdSense account. Of course, I never bothered to get one for Messages in the Moonlight because, well, I had no intention of using ads. So I sign up for it with the Hubpage domain. Denied. Not enough content. Boo. So then I realized I could do the ads with Messages in the Moonlight. So I did. Partial Approval. Close-Enough-Yay!

So to be a good girl (and not just a content-farm-author-whore), I am putting ads up on the site. I am keeping them as little annoying as possible and only putting them up on certain pages. Over the coming months I'll probably play around with where they appear on the site, so bear with me! The income that is earned through ads clicked on the site will go towards the budget for Messages in the Moonlight to ensure I can keep my "internet baby," as I call her, alive. Once all is set up and going well (and contains more than just one lonely article) on my Hubpage, any income earned from links clicked on my article pages will go toward food and shelter for my fur-babies and me.


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