25 November 2011

Vote on Evy's Article, Bring Traffic to the Site!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! This morning I received some awesome news. My HubPage article "Choosing a Religion in a World of Options" is one of six selected for this week's hubnuggets contest! By winning the contest, I will be recognized above other new freelance writers. More importantly, I will also receive considerably more traffic to my articles. More traffic to my articles means there will be more traffic to the site as well as the forums! I am really excited about this opportunity and am asking all of my friends, family, and supporters to take the time to cast their vote. You can vote in this week's contest at the Religion and Philosophy Topic page. Please vote today! Thank you for all of your support!

Evylyn Rose


  1. I forgot to mention. Voting closes on Wednesday 30 November at noon. Thank you for voting!

  2. UPDATE: Voting results are in. My article tied in 4th out of 6.